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Top Tips to Find the Best Hotel Deal

The best way to find cheap hotels is to travel when everyone else isn’t traveling. You want both good weather and a hotel deal so look carefully into the weather. Avoid large yearly conventions and plan around cultural holidays.

Book weekdays rather than weekend nights. The best hotel deal rates are between Sunday and Wednesday.

Use our search engine to find cheap hotels and compare rates.

Check historical rate patterns at hotel search engines and use them when planning.

Use travel comment boards to check out the reputation of the place you are interested in before you book.

Avoid prime locations like beachfront hotels or famous properties. Sometimes finding a hotel ten minutes away will save you a lot of money.

Check out discount and frequent stay programs.

If a hotel is uncommonly cheap - find out why. Hotel deals can include lovely attractions such as construction and bed bugs. On the other hand the hotel could have cheap rooms because it is empty or brand new. If the deal is too good to be true call first to verify exactly why and make sure you can live with what they tell you.

Before booking online call the hotel directly and negotiate. If you can speak with a manager they can often give you a bargain that will beat the online deal.