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How to Find Cheap Car Rentals

Finding cheap car rentals begins and ends with the Internet. Use our search engine to compare the websites of the major discount car rental companies, like Budget, Avis and Hertz.

Check your credit cards and insurance company for special car rental discounts that you may already have.

Look for cheap car rentals by checking city locations rather than just looking at the airport car rental rates. Car rentals away from the airport can be up to 75% cheaper.

Get to know the staff at your local car rental agency, always rent from them, and take your friends and family there, too. Local agents often have some flexibility and they can get you great cars, great rates and they will often also come and pick you up!

Beware of hidden fees. Sometimes cheap car rentals try to make up the difference on the back end. Hidden fees can include gas, mileage charges, airport fees and insurance. Call your insurance and credit card company before you rent your car to see how much insurance coverage you already have. Get unlimited mileage rentals and make sure to fill the tank before you return the vehicle. Extra tip: Fill up a few miles away from the airport.

Take time to inspect the car and be meticulous about marking that little diagram before you take the car. Make sure the attendant signs off on the form when you take the car and when you return it. Keep a copy.

Plan on picking up the car and dropping it off in the same location. Leaving a cheap rental car in another city can cost you double.

Traveling during the winter and think you will need a special 4X4 rental? Be aware that special cars come with very special price tags. Look into using shuttles or public transit instead of renting a car. It will be a lot cheaper and probably a lot safer!

Share a car rental with a friend. Planning on renting a car to get out of the city for the weekend? Start asking around at work and the gym to find someone who wants to split the cost of the car with you.

Rent the cheapest grade of car. Economy cars are fairly similar to the next grade up. Furthermore, rental companies will often ask to upgrade you for free when you pick up the vehicle.